Building a custom home in Pocono is an exhilarating experience. Not only will you get to choose where your home is built, but you also get to decide how it’s built. At Outlook Construction, one of the biggest complaints we get from homeowners wanting to build their own homes is that their previous homes just didn’t fit their lifestyles. Either the homes were too big, too small, or didn’t have all the features they loved. When you choose Outlook Construction, you get to build the custom home in Pocono you’ve always dreamed of having.


Seven Custom Home Building Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Choose The Wrong Location

As one of the most common mistakes, potential homeowners get impatient and choose a location that works and not a location that works for their lifestyle. In most cases, families will choose a location that’s too far away, without enough land, or simply doesn’t fit their need to be in a community. Whatever your needs are for your lifestyle, take the time to discover those. Write them down on a list. Discuss them with your spouse and family. A custom home is a huge investment of time and money. You deserve to get exactly what you want.

Mistake #2 – Build Over Budget

It can become intoxicating to begin adding features, designing rooms, and building your dream home. Many homeowners thoroughly enjoy the process. The danger, however, is going over budget. The worst feeling in the world is to design the perfect home only to be told that it’s triple your allotted budget. Furthermore, once your project is started, be aware of the cost of change-orders, a term used when you, the homeowner, request the kitchen counters be marble instead of granite, which costs you more in material and labor. Irresponsible change-orders can sink a budget fast.

Mistake #3 – Choose The Wrong Builder

This mistake is littered with variables we cannot cover entirely in this post; however, we will address the most common mistake when choosing a builder. The price of a builder is a cost you must consider. Homeowners that end up having awful experiences building their custom homes is not due to the contractor they choose, but why they choose said contractor. If all things are equal, purchasing something from a dollar store delivers one dollar’s worth of value. The same concept can be applied to choosing a home builder. Choosing a custom home builder based solely on price tag and not other factors like reputation and work history can lead to a disastrous project.

Mistake #4 – Choosing “Expensive” Land

We don’t mean the cost to purchase the land. We mean the cost of manipulating the land like excavation, utilities, sewer, and more. What will it cost you on your purchased piece of land to get power, water, and other utilities to your home? How much will it cost to build a driveway from the nearest road to your home? In some cases, the cost of an access road can break the seven-figure mark.

Mistake #5 – Design Your Home To Please The Neighbors

First of all, do you know the neighbors? Second, are you building a custom home for you or those you will eventually invite over for dinner? It’s imperative you cut out all the noise that is society while designing your custom home. This is your home, not your family’s, friends’, or neighbors’.

Mistake #6 – Decorate Your Home Without A Consultant

Unless you’re a professional decorator or have years of experience from a past life, we strongly suggest you bring in a consultant of some kind to assist in decorating your home. Even if you’re a current of prior decorating professional, we encourage you to bring in at least a mediator. Decorating your home can be one of the most overwhelming pieces to the entire custom home building process. This is the portion that everyone will see, and if you do it wrong, you will be responsible for it. That’s why hiring a professional, even if it’s to help choose a color palette and overall style, can save you time, money, and statuts in the long run.

Mistake #7 – You Set Your Own Expectations

In most cases, you want to set your own expectations. This ties back into your standards. What do you expect out of life, and how can you get it? Nonetheless, you need to set your expectations to meet those you’ve hired to build your custom home. If you’ve chosen a reputable, reliable custom home builder, then you can trust they will take care of you.

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