What’s the best way to find a neighborhood for your new custom home? At Outlook Construction, we won’t claim we have all the answers, but we do know a thing or two about custom home building. After two decades of working with clients and their visions for a new home, we’ve compiled nine attributes that make for the perfect neighborhood. What’s more, these attributes are simply a framework you can add your preferences into and make the best decision for your family. If you’re still looking for custom home builders, give Outlook Construction a call today! We serve Pocono residents and beyond. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

The Nine Neighborhood Attributes

Crime Statistics

It can be jarring to think that you need to look up crime stats to see if a neighborhood is safe. Isn’t driving through it and seeing families enjoying themselves enough to know it’s a safe place to live? Not always. You can research stats online, call the local police department, and ask future neighbors about the area crime.

School Districts

For those with children, this is one of the most important, if not the priority, when building a new custom home. You want the best for your children, including which school they will attend. Check on district zones and which education systems are available to your children.

The Commute

How far away is your place of employment? What’s the longest distance you will drive to get to work? Don’t soften the answer to this question. You want the truth, so you can make the best decision possible for you and your family.

Population Density/Growth

Do you want to live in the country, a thriving metropolis, or a quiet suburb? The population of a given area paired with its growth will give you an idea of how long it will be before the neighborhood changes in regards to how noisy it is and the people living in it.

First Impression

What did you feel and think when you first drove through the city, neighborhood, suburb, or community? This is the feeling you will likely have over and over again once you build your new custom home. Trust it to guide your decision.

Future Neighbors

Talk to those who already live in the community you’re considering for your new home. Ask them about the noise, the crime, and what they think about the area. This will give you invaluable insight you won’t find online.

Neighborhood Noises

At first, it may seem odd, but give your potential neighborhood a good listen. The noises you hear could be the deal breaker for your decision. If it sounds right, you’ve found the best community for your family.


What does the community offer you as a resident? Pool access? Clubhouse? What else? Consider the amenities when moving into a new neighborhood.

Taxes, HOA, and More

What other expenses will you be responsible for once you’re a resident of your chosen neighborhood? Local taxes and HOA costs can rack up. Know what they are and factor them into your decisions.

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