It can be exhilarating to buy a new home. However, the process of purchasing a custom home is different than a pre-built home. When it comes to your new custom home, you will need to address what’s included, what’s excluded, what’s hidden, the contract agreement, and more.

Your first interaction with a custom home builder will most likely be with the home builder’s sales rep. In fact, the first few meetings will be with a sales representative. These early meetings give you the opportunity to ask questions. As your custom home builders in northeast PA, Outlook Construction wants to help you ask the right questions to get the answer you need to finally get the dream home you envisioned — and to save you some money along the way.

Pre-Contract Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders

Questions #1 – Does the lot come with the new home?

As you examine the price of a new custom home, you’ll notice the base cost. This typically includes the interior, exterior, foundation, and the rest of the structure. You want to find out if the lot is included in that base price. If it is not, expect to pay more for the lot. Most custom home builders in Pocono will work with you to secure the lot, but don’t expect it on the new home contract, initially.

Questions #2 – What’s the building timeline?

You want to know exactly what you’re getting into before you commit to new home construction. If you already own a home, you will need to sell it, eventually. This process can take a while. A new custom home in Pocono can take longer; however, you must time the sale of your current home with the completion of your new custom home to avoid renting in the interim. Get a general idea from your home builder and plan accordingly.

Question #3 – Do you provide warranties?

It’s a common misconception that since a custom home is brand new, there won’t be any problems. It’s best to protect yourself, even if the custom home builder in Pocono guarantees satisfaction. Ask what kind warranties are included and their duration. Listen for things like short-term home warranty and long-term structural warranties. The builder should cover you in some way for the first couple years.

Question #4 – Which finishes are standard?

Does a countertop or floor base finish look way too good to be true? It probably is an upgrade. Home builders in Pocono will attempt to sell you upgraded finishes. If this is your prerogative, go for it. Otherwise, make sure and have the builder specify which finishes are standard and which are upgrades.

Question #5 – Can I purchase my own materials and/or appliances?

Depending on the home builder in Pocono, you may or may not be able to purchase your own appliances. When it comes to materials, you may be thinking you can get a better deal buying them on your own. In most cases, you won’t beat the builder’s pricing. Also, reducing the cost of materials is a saving, but it won’t lower labor costs, which is non negotiable with most custom home builders.

Your Home Builders in Pocono for Two Decades

Outlook Construction has been serving Northeast Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. When it comes to new home construction and custom homes, we know how the process works. Our mission is to build you a custom home you’ll love for years to come. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.