A home is, on average, the largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime. This means that when you build a custom home, you get exactly what you want instead of dealing with what a home developer decided was the best way to layout a home. Custom home builders like Outlook Construction offer services and products that make the entire process of building your new home easy and simple. Why not pay for exactly what you want? In part one of this blog series, we shared five features you have to include in your new home build, and in this post, we’ll share five more features to include in your custom home. If you’re ready to discuss your custom endeavors, give us a call today! We’ve got more than 40 years of home-building experience. Otherwise, continue reading to learn even more!

Five more must-have features for your new home

Outdoor media connections and outlets

For some of you, spending time outdoors is a priority, whether it be on the back patio or in nature. Nonetheless, if you want to charge your phone while you’re hosting an event or enjoying a nice cup of tea, you will want outdoor outlets. Furthermore, what if a sports series or your favorite show is on television, but you can't’ watch it unless you’re inside? Outdoor media connections make it possible to take your viewing experience outside.

Outdoor / indoor speakers

Whether music is an integral part of your life, or you simply enjoy filling the home with pleasant sound, speakers installed throughout your home can be a huge benefit to almost any situation. Hosting an event? Enjoying a weekend at home? How about entertaining a child’s group of friends for a birthday party? Play music through the speakers.

Add deep kitchen drawers

How useful are shallow kitchen drawers? Once you run out of space in the cabinets, you can’t use the drawers to store much other than miscellaneous or small items. Deep kitchen drawers allow for larger items to be stored closer to the ground in a more secure location.

Recycling and trash chutes

Tired of taking out the trash twice a week? What about the recycling? Request your custom home builder, if possible, to install a trash/recycle chute in your kitchen. This will reduce the time needed to take out the trash, and you’ll not have to put your shoes on to go outside. You can stay indoors and still take out the trash.

Upgrade to smart utility features

This can be your HVAC, electricity, or security. Focus on what you deem more important: the safety of your home, the cost of utilities, or both? When you upgrade to smart technology, you can be more aware of how you’re using energy and where you can optimize it. Smart tech also allows you to control your home’s climate, security, and more from your phone.

Your custom home builder in Pocono

Outlook Construction has more than 40 years of custom home building experience. We’re family owned and operated as a second generation company. Our focus is on delivering personal attention to each and every customer’s custom home, our outstanding craftsmanship, and all inclusive services. Are you ready to start designing your new home? Give us a call today!