New home construction is exciting. If you’re considering a custom home, it’s important to know what to ask your home builders in Pocono. You want to go into the experience as prepared as possible. The process is different than a pre-built home. A new custom home involves much more work and involvement than simply buying a home. You will need to gather information from your builder on what to expect, what’s included, what’s excluded, and more.

In this post, we will share four questions to consider asking your custom home builder post-contract. Granted, it’s best if you ask these before a contract is signed, but if you’re already locked into a formal agreement, these questions may be able to save you some money and headache. If you’re ready to discuss building your own custom home, contact Outlook Construction in Northeast Pennsylvania today. In the meantime, continue reading to learn more!

Post-Contract Questions to Ask Custom Home Builders

Question #1 – How do credits for appliances and materials work?

It’s best to clarify how the home builder handles upgrades. In the contract, you will have chosen a sink to have installed. But what if you head to a trade show on the weekend and find the perfect sink for your kitchen? Suppose it costs $400, and your original sink cost $200. Will the builder credit you the $200 or will you have to eat the cost of the original and the new sink? Some home builders in Pocono allow you to upgrade your home, as long as the upgrade is early enough in the building process.

Question #2 – Do you include landscaping?

This is an important question to consider asking. A beautiful home built on the perfect lot without landscaping will look incomplete. No one wants dirt for their yard. Discover if landscaping is included in your custom home package and then determine if you need to hire a landscaping company to take care of your needs.

Question #3 – Will the contract include cost escalation?

Don’t find yourself caught between not finishing your home and going broke to finish it. New home construction is notorious for surprises; however, you can protect yourself by asking about a cost escalation clause in the contract. What does it say? Does it protect you? How will the custom home builder in Pocono take care of you in the event they need to charge more? Unexpected costs are a part of the process — they’re inevitable. But you can prepare for these costs and reduce the impact they have on the process.

Question #4 – Does the neighborhood include homeowners association?

You want to check on rules and regulations for the neighborhood you’re moving into, whether that be a homeowners association, property allowances for your home, auxiliary buildings, or permit requirements. In some cases, the type of fencing, the paint color of your home, or the slope of your driveway can be placed under scrutiny. It’s best to discuss these stipulations with your custom home builder as they come up or before the contract is signed.

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