Are you ready to build a custom home? How do you choose the best custom home builder for your project? At Outlook Construction, we take pride in our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Whether you want a sprawling estate or a modest two-bedroom ranch style home, we can help. You can bring your own home design to us, or we can design a custom home together. No matter your needs are, we can help!

In this post, we’ll be sharing the next six steps to completing a custom home build with Outlook Construction. Are you ready to start your new custom home building project? Give us a call today! After more than two decades of work, we’re confident we can offer you the best price with all-inclusive services, and expert craftsmanship. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Seven more custom home construction steps

Close on loan and purchase building lot

First, we’ll need to choose which lot you want your home built on. We already decided this prior in our list, so this process is to simply confirm the location once more. We’ll then acquire the lot and use it to influence how we design your home.

Set up account with Outlook online system

Now that you have your loan and lot, we’ll get your account setup in our online system so you can see what’s going on with your project at all times. This is also the platform we will use to manage your account for change orders, phase completions, and payments.

Finalize home preferences and selections

For a third time, we’ll confirm your home feature selections and preferences to ensure you’re getting the exact home you envisioned. We want nothing standing in the way of us finishing your project once we break ground.

Begin construction

We’ll break ground per the schedule we determined in the construction agreement. A custom home build can take anywhere between five-to-eighteen months, but we work our hardest to keep the timeline within eight months.

Framing walkthrough

Once your entire home is framed, we’ll complete a walkthrough with you to discuss any questions or concerns with the layout and general construction of the home thus far. At this point in construction, the house layout is nearly finalized. There might be some minor changes we could change, but, for the most part, the home is ready to be completed.



Final walkthrough

Upon completion of the home’s construction, we’ll do another walkthrough to address any concerns, questions, or feedback on the process. We’ll work with you to take care of anything outstanding and then congratulate you on your new custom home!

Outlook Construction

After two decades of building custom homes for residents in Pocono, Outlook Construction is proud to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service in the area. Our family-owned home building business offers extremely competitive prices and personal attention to your needs. If you’re ready to take advantage of an all-inclusive home building service, give us a call today!